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  • 13 Jul 2018 12:14 PM
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    I think it is about time to renew an activity we all enjoyed and let slip away .  I refer to the tech sessions we HAD and the results it got many club members.  

    IWe as a club have many members who have a broad understanding of LBC's and what it takes to make them healthy again.  

    This does not need to be a constant event, rather one where someone could VOLUNTEER the use of their garage and perhaps tools to someone in need if making their LBC whole again  This was also done on a NO COST basis.  The club picked up the cost of donuts and coffee and people were free to bring whatever the  wanted with regard to "CHOW". This does not need to be a weekly event and is not meant to last for an extended period of time to do the repair UNLESS this is OK with the garage owner

    This is also a NO CHARGE event;  meant to help those CCBCC members without the knowledge to correctly remedy those issues.

    IT IS ALSO A FUN EVENT TO BOTH HOLD AND ATTEND. Lets  see how many club members would like to have one of those events   This is also an event that can be held almost all year.  from the first road salting to the BIG spring rains I wound expect no events  

    That is not to say we could not hold discussion groups in those same garages on a year round basis.

    THINK about this and give us your ideas.


    Charlie Frink

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