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  • 26 Jun 2011 7:05 AM | Deleted user
    The July Newsletter is available for download in the Monthly Newsletter section. Or by clicking here.
  • 23 Jun 2011 7:54 AM | Deleted user

    June 20, 2010
    For Further Information Please Contact:
    Michael Daley – Newsletter Editor


    Recently the Cape Cod British Car Club, Ltd. completed our annual high school award distributions.  Each year the club provides a scholarship or tool grant to a graduating student from the Plymouth South High School in Plymouth, the Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Bourne and the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Harwich.

    Our car club targets these annual financial awards towards young men and women graduating from the area’s technical school programs.  We stipulate only that the student graduates from any of the schools’ automotive related educational programs.  Our assistance is designed to advance the training and future careers of these young technical high school graduates.  Each of the schools determines which of their students will receive our award.

    Jay Davies, an Automotive Technology student from Plymouth South High School, will be receiving a CCBCC, Ltd $250 Tool Grant this year.  Jay has excelled in his automotive technology studies over the past four years.  He is currently a participant in the co-op program working at Performance Auto.  While future education in the field is not out of the question for this Plymouth resident, initially Jay will continue to work at Performance Auto after graduation.

    Renee Thayer is the Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School’s 2011 recipient of a CCBCC, Ltd $250 scholarship award.  This outstanding student is a resident of Falmouth.  Ms. Thayer is a recent graduate of the Bourne school’s Automotive Collision Program.  She will continue her studies next fall at Cape Cod Community College.

    Amanda Price also received a $250 Scholarship award this year from the CCBCC, Ltd.  Amanda is a 2011 graduate of the Cape Cod Technical School in Harwich.  She is a resident of Dennis.  Amanda’s program of study was the Harwich school’s Auto Collision Shop.  School officials describe her as “a hard working student”.  She will attend the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in the fall.

    The Cape Cod British Car Club is comprised of about 275 members.  The club is a not-for-profit corporation offering our members educational, fraternal, recreational and charitable activities focused around historic and modern English automobiles.  The centerpiece of the club’s annual activities is the British Legends Weekend and Car Show.  The show supports our scholarship program. This year the club’s ninth annual all British car show is scheduled for October 9, 2011 at Marina Park in Falmouth.  The car show is free to the public.

  • 17 Jun 2011 2:21 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    President’s Boot-   June 2011   

    The driving season is well underway, or at least I hear that it is. The only event I have done so far was the Sandwich Memorial Day Parade, a nice event with its solemn moments of remembrance and speeches. It also is a wonderful parade through a very quaint old New England Town here on the Cape. I think we had seven cars in total with some of the usual regulars and some new and recent members participating as well.


    Soon after the parade, I went in for neck surgery that has kept me out of the Jag or out of action on almost anything until things begin to heal. I am doing surprisingly well and am anxious to get back into action. I think I will make the June meeting, which is an ice cream run let by one of our members, Les and Cynthia Frank. How can anyone miss an ice cream run? What I did miss was our Vice Presidents Battle Ship Cove Run in Fall River, a new event for our club, the Brits by the Sea in Connecticut and the Hyannis Father’s Day car show on Main St, Hyannis. I certainly plan on enjoying the next upcoming events and for the rest of the season.


    Our new web site is up and running and from what I am hearing; most members find it very workable and like the new set up. Charlie Bohm and his team have been resolving the problems that were sure to come up whenever there is such a large change. Now that members can review and edit their own profile, there have been a number of corrections with name spelling, phone numbers and e-mail address. Since phone numbers and e-mail addresses are often changed, this new system helps us to stay current and improve our connection with each one of our members. I think most are appreciating the ease of access to the events and calendar sections, and in time, will learn to use the inter club communication available using “the pit” and other sites on the forum.


    Oh yes, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that under the volunteer section our Organizational Chart appears for everyone to look and see if there is something listed that you might want to use your expertise and talent to help with the overall operation of the club. We’re making progress with some fresh new faces volunteering to help, but there is room for more of our members to get involved in the club.


    I have listed many of the events here with this “Boot” and will continue to do so for awhile as members get use to using the events listing and Calendar on the web site. Come on out and join in with the upcoming events and get to know your fellow club members. 


    Till then,

    Bill Scott,



    Upcoming Events

    June –

                Monthly Meeting

              21 Jun 2011 7:00 PM • BBC Sandwich, MA

    Factory Five Tour & Run

    25 Jun 2011 – Charlie Bohm

              Triumph Car Show

              25 Jun 2011 • Faneuil Hall, Boston

              Factory 5 Tour - Back Road Drive - Pot Luck Cook Out

              25 Jun 2011 9:00 AM • Starting at the Trow Bridge Tavern in Bourne

              Larz Anderson - British Car Day

              26 Jun 2011 • Brookline, MA

              Goodwood Festival of Speed

              30 Jun 2011 • Chichester, West Sussex, England

              July -

              Bourne 4th of July Parade

              04 Jul 2011 8:00 AM • Bourne, MA

              Larz Anderson - Micro Mini Day

              09 Jul 2011 • Brookline, MA

              Valley of Sin Run - Kennel Fundraiser

              09 Jul 2011 9:30 AM • Starting at the Sears at the Dartmouth Mall

              The Marion Classic Antique Auto Show

              16 Jul 2011 8:00 AM • Silvershell Beach, Marion

              Monthly Meeting

              19 Jul 2011 7:00 PM • BBC Sandwich, MA

              Morgan's, Mini's & MG's Show

              23 Jul 2011 • Faneuil Hall, Boston

    See the Calendar for future events in August, September and later in the season.

    The British Marque Triathlon will be August 26th, 27th & 28th. Sign up as our club needs your attendance to win!

    Our own BLW will be Columbus Day Weekend and will be held at Falmouth Marine Park. We will not switch days as previously announced. The road trip will be on Saturday with the Car Show on Sunday. The Friday night Meet & Greet will be at Green Harbor as usual.

    Brian Nickerson will once again be the POC for the November trip and it will be to return to Martha’s Vineyard. Go to the web site to learn details and to sign up early. Car ferry reservations as well as hotel should be made well in advance.

  • 31 May 2011 7:07 AM | Deleted user
    The minutes to the May 26th Board of Governor's Meeting have been posted to the Meeting Minutes section of the Member's Only area of the web-site. You must be a logged in member to view this area.
  • 17 May 2011 2:31 PM | Deleted user
    The June Newsletter has been posted to the website. Visit the Newsletter section or just click here to download.
  • 17 May 2011 7:12 AM | Deleted user

    The following Officers were voted in:

    • ·      President – Bill Scott
    • ·      Vice President – Frank Frett
    • ·      Treasurer – Charlie Bohm - new Congratulations!
    • ·      Clerk – Rich Finlay

    The following new Board members were voted in:

    • ·      Charlie Frink – new Congratulations!
    • ·      Kathy Rocha – new Congratulations!
    • ·      Jere Downing - new Congratulations!
  • 17 May 2011 7:11 AM | Deleted user

    President’s Boot-   May 2011   

    I am again writing this in advance of our Annual Meeting to be held on May 7th, as I am once again leaving for a trip to Ireland on May 8th, so not a whole lot of time to sit down and write the “Boot” following the meeting and before the trip.

    We will have 3 BoG’s elected, one seeking re-election, Kevin Thompson, and two will fill openings on the BoG as both Dave MacEachern and Charlie Bohm are stepping down from the BoG after serving their time well. We will be electing those positions from a list of six candidates; Kevin Thompson, Charlie Frink, Bill Collins, Kathy Rocha, Jere Downing, and Mike Daley. It looks like I’ll be staying on as president for another term unless there is an unexpected turn of event at the meeting (-did I hear coup?). This is also true of Vice President, Frank Frett, and our Clerk, Rich Finlay, as all of us have agreed to stay on. This of course leaves our Past President, Bob Vogel, on until I am unseated and become the Past President.

    The interesting position will be the club Treasurer. Mike Daley has served that position for many years, (he has been so good at it) and would like to hand that opportunity to someone else for a while. He is a hard act to follow, but he has set up a system that with a little “Quick Books” knowledge, one could take that office on and continue the important work of the treasurer. So I am interested in how all this works out. I’ll leave a space here to edit in the new Treasurer and the three BoG’s who will have won the elections (see Annual Meeting Minutes).

    The meeting will give the leadership another opportunity to fill everyone in on the progress of our new club’s communication system. Charlie Bohm, Paul Hinchcliffe and Mike Daley have been working hard to work out every detail and to find a simple way to educate and instruct the rest of us on the uses of the new system. I am a good test for them as I am a less than savvy user, so every once in a while they try it out on me, and I am proud to say that I have pointed out a number of little glitches that you will all thank me for as it will be much easier for you once they get it pass my inabilities.

    I will also have had time to talk about the Organizational Flow Chart, once again demonstrating how three categories of leadership break down into about thirty smaller tasks. I will have stressed that if members would only volunteer for those small tasks, nothing will be too hard to accomplish, no one would be overburdened, they would be more involved in the club, and they would find rewards and joy from actually being involved. Just call me with your expertise and interest and I promise you that we’ll find a job just right for YOU. Yeah, YOU, you’re reading this and I’m talking to YOU. Just e-mail me and we’ll talk and find something that will b a good fit.

    Just a reminder for all to go to our current web page, click the calendar for all the upcoming events. When you see the listing that interest you, click on it and a description or details will appear. It is easy to do and you won’t miss an event or activity that is ahead in the driving season.

    Till then,

    Bill Scott

    President, CCBCC
  • 08 May 2011 7:22 AM | Deleted user
    The minutes to the 2011 Annual Meeting along with the financial statement have been posted to the Meeting Minutes section of the Member's Only area of the web-site. You must be a logged in member to view this area. 
  • 16 Apr 2011 5:35 PM | Deleted user

    Any member interested in running for a CCBCC Office or Board of 

     Governors’ position is requested to contact Bill Scott, President or 

     Frank Frett, Vice President to express your intentions.

     All Officer Positions as well as Board of Governors Positions are open 

     for nominations!

     2011 Nominating Committee:

     Bill Scott (Chair), Frank Frett, Mike Daley, Charlie Bohm, 

     Rich Finlay, Art Cox, Bob Vogel & Kevin Thompson.

    Their duty is to present a slate of candidates to the clerk, Rich Finlay, for the election which will take place at the annual meeting on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

    Feel free to contact any Committee member to discuss your interest and concerns.

     Position responsibilities in the Club By-Laws can be viewed at
    (click on):

  • 15 Apr 2011 10:48 AM | Deleted user

    President’s Boot-   April 2011   

    Spring is surely here on the Cape. The sun shines, birds are chirping and cars are rolling out of their long hibernations, and driving events are filling up the calendars for several months ahead. I have taken care of the necessary maintenance on my car with the clear expectation that I am ready for the road ahead.

    All would seem idyllic on the surface, but May with its Annual Meeting have been pressing on my attentions of late. This is the time for elections and some officer changes, as well as a time to look at the club as a whole and make adjustments and improvements. The changes in our Home Page using a new system is moving right along towards our switch over date, which might be in July. All this is thanks to Charlie Bohm, Paul Hinchcliffe and Mike Daley for all the work they have been doing to make this user friendly for those of us (myself included) who are not quite as “IT” savvy. I have confidence that they will make this change work for all of us.

    The thing that worries me more is that we need new volunteers for various activities that need to take place, activities that make all the things we do as a club, happen. Things like the; newsletter, club Treasurer, media & PR activities, managing the club’s audio/visual equipment, printing needs, etc. If many volunteer to do something, a lot can be accomplished without too much stress on any one individual. The few who have been doing all of these things are stepping down as they have been at it, and doing a great job, for too long. It’s time for change and time for others to step up. You’ll find it fun and rewarding to get involved in the operation of the club, with new experiences gained and new friendships formed. Call me and volunteer your interest and experience. I can promise we have an opportunity just for you.

    May also brings some tried and true events, like the “A” Team on the 15th with Rick Johnson and Rich Finlay and the Safety Fast Inspection on the 21st, where Paul Hinchcliffe always has his famous Coney Islands with special hot sauce, Yum! All this leads right into British Car Week with Brits by the Sea in CT on the 5th of June. Let’s go driving!

    Till then,

    Bill Scott,



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