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  • 08 Dec 2011 2:42 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The British Marque combines their January/February issue so I am off the hook, so to speak, for publishing a regular January “Boot”. December is a light month as far as club activities goes, with the exception of the Dallaire’s open house party on December 17th. Mike and Pam have posted the invitation on the home page and I encourage everyone to enjoy the season together with other club members and friends at their home. I am sure it will be as enjoyable as always.

    Because this time of year is so full of events and activities building up to and including the Holidays that mostly involve families, CCBCC has always postponed our club activity until February. February usually needs a bit of a pick me up as the dust has settled from the holiday hustle and bustle and the dull grind of winter has set in with its short daylight hours and long nights and the weather…..well, is  frightful. So holding our “Winterfest” activity in mid February is a welcomed treat. Donna Lynn Greene and Pam Dallaire are planning the event this year and I encourage everyone to mark it on your calendar and plan to join in on that special winter occasion.

    Until then, think about the great times you had this season driving your LBCars and make a list of all the things you need to fix in preparation of the next driving season. You’ll want to be ready when that first spring day appears when you feel that inner call that says “let’s get the car out, put the top down and go for a ride”. Doesn’t seem so urgent now, but remembering struggling through the past few winters and springs in south eastern MA and the Cape, February, March and April can seem like an eternity. So here is one other thing that you can think about during those months, and that is to think about running for a BoG position or putting your name in the hat for an officer position. We are looking to elect up to 4 BoG positions and we need to elect a Vice President and a President at the Annual May Meeting. It is your club and each one of you has something special to offer. Being part of the leadership is a rewarding experience, a great way to know and work with other club members while you have the opportunity to steer the club into the future. Think about it and e-mail or give me a call to add your name or someone else’s name that might be too shy to volunteer themselves.

    Yes, don’t forget there will be the regular meeting at the Sandwich BBC on Jan. 17th.

    Till then,   Ho Ho Ho!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and enjoy the warmth of family and friends!

    Bill Scott
  • 26 Nov 2011 8:32 AM | Deleted user
    Hi Richard,

    What a great surprise when I opened the large envelope that came in the
    mail yesterday.  A formal "thank you"  will be sent out next week, but I
    just had to let you know that we were all so overwhelmed by the generosity
    of the British Car Club and your efforts to raise funds for our Holiday
    Helping program.

    We have over 30 families signed up for our program and your gift cards and
    check donation will go a long way in giving them an opportunity to shop
    for and enjoy the holidays.

    Again, I am overwhelmed by your kindness and thank you soooo much,

    have a wonderful holiday,
    Chris Morin
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Independence House
  • 26 Nov 2011 8:26 AM | Deleted user
    The November Monthly Meeting Minutes have been posted to the members only section of the web-site.
  • 21 Nov 2011 9:08 AM | Deleted user
    The Novemeber Newsletter has been posted. You can view it by clicking here or going to our Newsletter Page.
  • 12 Nov 2011 8:23 AM | Deleted user
    We have added a list under the Membership area of Honorary Members. (click here). If you have a suggestion for an honorary member for the club, contact and office or board member.
  • 12 Nov 2011 7:36 AM | Deleted user
    The November 8th BOG Meeting minutes have been posted to the member's only section of the web-site.
  • 01 Nov 2011 10:03 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    We are coming close to the end of the driving season for 2011 and as of this writing; we have two important driving events still ahead, The Martha’s Vineyard Weekend and the Freezin Fun Run 4 Kids. Both are important as the MV weekend is for club members to enjoy each others company in a relaxed beautiful setting soaking up the last breath of fresh air and beauty that this Cape and Islands have to offer. The FFR4K’s is good and cold; good in that it raises money for Independence House so the families served by them can enjoy the holidays too, and cold…well running in mid November with the top down (as you know us British car die-hards do) can sometime be pretty darn cold. We’re up to it though, and feel warm inside for those whom we make the Holidays a little brighter. As you read this on the club website, I encourage signing up for and joining us on these two end of season events

    This time of year we think about taking care of our LBC’s and prepare them for the winter, and we also begin thinking about taking care of our club and its business. Our annual elections will be on May 5th, and to prepare for this we must start early. We will be looking to elect at least three new BoG members, my term as President will be complete, and due to circumstances we will be looking to elect a new Vice President as well. We are establishing a nominating committee to find candidate for these positions and we would like to actually have an election, i.e. have more candidates than positions to fill. We’ll spare you any pre election public debates; there is enough of that going on nationally without adding any more. However candidates will have an opportunity to speak at the Annual meeting prior to the voting.

    Now is the time to step up. It is your club and you do have something to offer. Please call or e-mail me: 508 896 9313 or  if you would like to put your hat in the ring, or better yet, tell me who you would like to see in any of these positions. Put their hat in the ring and I’ll call them to encourage them to be on the ballot. I think it is good for the club to have an influx of fresh people rotating through these opportunities. It brings fresh thoughts and energy into the running of this club. It is a great way to meet, get to know and work with other members and you can help steer the club’s direction. Even those of you who are often riding rather than driving in these cars, can actually steer the club, so don’t be shy, call me.

    Till then,

    Bill Scott

    President, CCBCC

  • 17 Oct 2011 11:51 AM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Our club’s signature event, The British Legends Weekend, is now history. All of us should be proud of how successfully the weekend went together and the number of people and great British cars that assembled to make the weekend successful.  We were blest with unbelievably great weather which added much to the weekend as it was just like summer with the tinged of fall freshness in the air.

    The Friday evening Meet & Greet was well attended even with the absence of many of our regulars, who for all legitimate reasons could not attend this year. We missed them, but know that they will be back next year. Bruce Turner took on the role of flipping burgers and dogs and doing what Bruce does best, entertain the crowd. We all huddled around the grill while cooking and telling stories as the grill also provided the necessary heat needed for the cool evening. As usual, many pitched in with the usual great side dishes which provided for more food than we could eat, so we stored it away for Saturday evening, another success, this time with Bill Scott flipping the burgers, and less entertainment and more congenial conversations with members and guest alike.

    Mike Daley ran a wonderful road tour on Saturday. It took us around 80 miles of shoreline around the edges of the Upper Cape, a term that is sometimes misleading. Upper, meaning the part of the Cape closest to the canal and mainland. So we toured beautiful areas of Falmouth, Woods Hole, Quissett, Sippewisset, Sagamore and Sandy Neck. Then we went cross the Cape to Hyannis for lunch at the Hyannis BBC. We resumed the tour with Hyannisport, Wianno, Osterville, Cotuit, Waquoit and back to Falmouth Harbor. We had at least 34 cars, beautiful views of shorelines and wonderful homes and a perfect day for a drive.

    Sunday started early for some of us with Kevin Thompson taking the heat for the pre set up breakfast plans that were elaborately spelled out, but found not to be open at 6: AM on Sunday. We eventually all arrived at our usual meeting spot for a quick breakfast and then off to set up the show. This being our 11th year, the routine is pretty down pat. Equipment that has been stored arrives, things go up and the field is staked off with class signs hung and the people start to arrive for car registration. We had 114 cars on the field along with our favorite vendors and sponsors. I think we must have registered as many cars that day as we had cars preregistered. They certainly filled the field and there were many interesting cars in the parking lot, not registered in the show. The good food and drinks were provided by the Falmouth Band Parents organization. The parents and students do a great job for us each year. Oh yes, there was the restored Good Humor truck selling ice cream again this year as well.

    Rocker Box Racing provided the pre-awards excitement with stiff competition ending with three top contenders, Piper Smith, Freddy Rosen and Steve Harris. Piper experienced a wheel failure, and Freddy and Steve battled it out with a three times tie using a photo finish and instant replay declaring Steve finally winning the event. Look out next year Steve, there will be heightened competition.

    The awards kicked off with our Special awards. The Dick Hopfner Award went to Berta Rousseau for her enthusiasm and above and beyond effort for the club. The Jerry Gougen award for Maintaining the Breed went to Rick Johnson for his dedication to assisting in LBC repair as needed. Our Bar Maid award was judged by none other than our favorite bar maid from the Sandwich BBC, Mary McCarthy and awarded to Bill Dunn and his lovely Jaguar 140 OTS. The Prince of Darkness award went to Rick Poole, 2nd year in a row. Rick had startup electrical issues, and received road side assistance from Charlie Frink who as a consequence developed mechanical issues – earning Charlie, the Rusty Nuts Award! That a way guys!

    Thanks to all who made this 11th BLW event one to remember.

    Coming up, is the November Martha’s Vineyard weekend on Nov 5th & 6th lead by Mary and Brian Nickerson. This is always a fantastic enjoyable weekend which I am looking forward to attending again this year. The other upcoming event is the Freezen Fun Run 4 Kids put on through the efforts of Rick & Gini Johnson and Rich Finlay. It will be on Nov 13th with more detail to follow. Please check the web home page for details. This event raises money and gift cards for “Independence House” providing needy families with much needed funds and gifts for the holiday season. So come out and enjoy the last official run of the season.

    Till then, Bill Scott, President C C B C

  • 25 Sep 2011 5:25 PM | Deleted user
    The September Monthly Meeting minutes have been posted to the members only section of the web-site. You must be a logged-in member to view.
  • 15 Sep 2011 9:59 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Now that fall is closing in upon us, the traffic is lighter, the house guest are leaving, you would think it would be a time to relax and take those leisurely drives with the top down, just chill’en. Well no…. it is time to get our planning really under way for our British Legends Weekend. It is now mid September and the BLW is early October, the 7th, 8th & 9th just a few weeks away. A “to do” list has been sent out to many members just to confirm what is covered and what is not. Hopefully we’ll get a good response and the rest we’ll try and cover at the regular meeting September 20th. For those of you who would like to be involved with this year’s event, there is still time. Just call me and we’ll find a spot just right for you.

    Some of us did brave hurricane Irene and went to the Triathlon in Maine. Friday was a great day for the drive up and the expansive view over looking Penobscot Bay was breathtaking. Saturday’s activities were under overcast skies and some impressive fog, but although you couldn’t soak in the view, it was a comfortable day for the hill climb, rally and car show. A really good time was had by all, but the best thing was that our club brought home the Dorothy Wiggin Teapot Trophy. Back home to where it belongs, taken away from the Delaware Valley Club. It was noted that the trophy was driven back to the Cape in significant rain and wind, escorted by three MG motor cars; an MGB, MGA and an MG Midget. I should confess that it was riding in a Mini with full rain protection. I bailed on driving the Jag for 5 hours in the rain. I should mention (see how fast I changed the subject) that three member teams did well; The Yellow Cones were proudly worn by Mark Karas & Andrea Berman with 1st place in the rally, Kathy & Joe Rocha placed 3rd and Pam & Mike Dallaire placed 4th . Congrats to them and all who participated making it possible to win the trophy.

    There are still plenty of driving days ahead with the Club’s BLW, Martha’s Vineyard trip and the Freez’en Fun Run For Kids still ahead of us. So go to the website calendar and sign up.

    Till then,

    Bill Scott,



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