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  • 28 May 2014 10:24 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)
    The May Newsletter covering several important events during the month of May. Click on "NEWS" in the dark blue bar and then click on "Newsletter" and find the May 2014 button. Click and enjoy the read.
  • 12 Apr 2013 7:48 PM | Deleted user
    A writeup well worth the wait:

    Tech Session by Bill Scott

    Charlie Frink, our club VP and tech session coordinator, e-mailed a couple of members to inform us that another member had asked for help with his car's light switch so that the car could pass the state inspection. What is unusual here is that he was reluctant to mention the member with a broadcast club e-mail because it was so unusual for this member to ever ask for help. The irony is that this member, Paul Hinchcliffe, has in the past always been there to help someone else. Under normal conditions, Paul would be too proud to ask for help. He's a much respected club member and past president who has been extremely active in the club until the past three years when Paul began his courageous effort to overcome his health problems, a struggle with the debilitating effects of cancer.
    The word spread quickly, and everyone wanted to pitch in and help give Paul support. In the past, Paul had always provided the Chili dogs with his special sauces whenever there was a tech session, but Frank Frett immediately offered to bring Grinders from an Italian place, Marzilli's, that Paul liked and others said that they would bring the usual British beer. Oh yes, some actually thought about the repair and said that they would bring some tools!
    Saturday morning , October 20, we had fourteen (14) eager members turn out for the tech /support session. A good friend, Bud Kruger, was one of the early arrivals and is also quite skilled at MG repair, well actually very good at most any kind of repair. He along with Frank Frett, Art Cox and Bob Vogel had the lights in operation by the time the second set of arrivals began to show up: Charlie Frink, Ken Stone, Kevin Thompson and myself, Bill Scott. Did I mention that Charlie told Paul that one or two guys would show up, so needless to say, Paul was surprised to see others arriving. Paul, grateful to see us and always quick to react, said, "Well now that you're here, what else needs fixing". It seems he had a snow blower that the mice had made a home inside the housing and had eaten through the gas line as well as several critical wires. We declared that it must be a "British" snow blower and immediately put it on the lift and began the repair. In the process we tried to use the air compressor and couldn't believe the racket. Paul had been sent a recall part to install to prevent a fire, and Paul, not being able to bend and fix things as he used too, did a less than perfect repair. So while one group worked on the snow blower the other group worked on the "British" air compressor.
    By this time the rest of the members had shown up - Jay Welch, Rick Johnson and his brother Bob, Charlie Bohm and the ever funny, Bruce Turner (or was that Rip Torn, we are never sure). By this time Paul was on a roll, so he said that the first two groups had something to do, so the last group could help him with one other project. This eagerness to help was wearing a bit thin, but some of us followed Paul to a van sitting in the drive way. This was NOT a British van, but it did have a badly damaged door. Paul showed us another door in the back of the van and said that he hoped that we might be able to install the new door as he couldn't do that by himself. Some of us started to look at what that project would mean and what tool we might have to do the job. Paul played along for a few moments, but the grin on his face soon told us that we had just been suckered in. Paul had already made arrangement to have the local garage make the installation, but he just couldn't resist hooking a few of us hook line and sinker. A bit of the old Paul spirit showing through. We all had a good laugh.
    While we began to break out the grinders, Charlie Frink, VP and Mike Dallaire, President, brought out the special Trophy award that had been presented to Paul at the BLW in his absence. Paul had always arranged, purchased and presented the Gerry Goguen Award, given to an owner who has demonstrated an enjoyment in and commitment to maintaining the breed, one who shares his knowledge and skills for enjoying these British cars. For years, Paul had deserved this award, but Paul was giving it to other deserving members. This year, Paul had asked that the club take over this responsibility as he just couldn't do it any more with his health problems. So as head of the award committee, I called the members together and only one name came to the top. It was time for Paul to receive this award, so well deserved for so many years. Paul has encouraged so many people to join the club, or get a car, or fix the car they owned so that they could enjoy it. Paul also has held a "Safety Fast" annually in his garage as he has a lift and lots of equipment. In the last several years he has let the "Safety Fast" be held in his garage, but Art Cox and Frank Frett have actually done the inspection and repairs as Paul's health no longer allows him to do it. But his encouragement and spirit was there in support. So the group watched as Mike presented the Goguen Award to Paul, who was standing in his drive way with his beloved MGs and surrounded with many appreciative club members. We were all happy to have such a fitting occasion to make this well deserved presentation. This is one tech session we will remember and talk about for a long time to come.

  • 21 Feb 2013 2:14 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Spring is coming, and it is at least time to think spring. Here in Brewster, the daffodils turn fields and yards yellow with blooms, the sky's are blue and you can feel the warmth  of spring. Time to get the car out, top down and show it off in a parade. Mark Sunday, April 28th on your calendar and also register your free attendance so we know how many to plan for in the parade.

    Berta will lead a group to tour the bay side of the Cape on Historic and beautiful  6A to Bill and Mary Scott's home. Berta will leave from the BBC in Sandwich at 9:00 and will make a pick up at the train station on Rte 149 leaving at 9:30. The group will arrive at the Scott's about 10:15. Once there, you can relax and enjoy a breakfast/brunch out on the sunny deck, sip a Mimosa and enjoy the morning before we head out on a short drive to stage and decorate the cars for the parade. Staging begins at 12:00 on Underpass Rd in Brewster and the parade starts at 1:00.  

    Traditionally we continue on to Luke's parking lot just beyond the end of the parade route, remove the flowers and club decals and head to a late lunch. More details to follow as we get closer to the event.

     The important thing is to plan on attending and register early on the club web page. We need to know how many are coming. Do it now with the thoughts of spring in the air. Let's have a good turnout and plan to have lots of fun.

     For additional information about this event, please call;

     Bill Scott -  508 896 9313 or e-mail;

  • 04 Oct 2012 7:23 AM | Michael Daley


    The weather seems to be just perfect for top down driving and the run this Saturday already has more than 25 cars registered and over 40 members and guests booked for lunch.  The second run which ends with a dinner stop already has about 20 people planning to join us.

    If you are planning to partake in either the AM or PM runs and you have not signed up, please send me an email so I can confrim our reservations.  You can contact me via

    If you spend the entire day on this trip, you will visit 12 of the 15 towns on Cape Cod.  You will also get a good look at the island of Marthas Vineyard across the sound.  (You can visit the island with us next month when Brian will be leading a tour to Martha's Vineyard.)

    The morning run is about 60 miles long and will consume about 3 hours not counting the lunch.  It leaves Falmouth from Green Harbor Motel at 10:00 AM.  We will stop in West Barnstable at the Exit 6 rest area on Route 6 (Mid Cape Highway and Route 132) at 10:45 AM and leave at 11:00 AM.  Several will join up with us there.

    We focus on the north side in the Morning.  You can also meet us when we gather up at Grey's Beach in Yarmouthport or Rock Harbor in Orleans.  Lunch is at the Bookstore Resturant in Wellfleet at 1:00 PM.

    We will be mobile again by 2:30.  The second run is a bit longer as it nears 80 miles and gets us to dinner at Wicked in Mashpee at 6:00 PM.

    The afternoon return trip focuses on the south side of the cape.  We will view several lighthouses on this portion of the run.  We will also hit a beach, visit Hyannis and look in on the Kennedy's during the trip back to Falmouth.

    See you on Saturday.  

  • 27 Sep 2012 10:28 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The Meet & Greet will be hosted this year by Mary and Bill Scott and will be at the Green Harbor resort on Friday evening, the 5th. There will be a grill (burgers and dogs), condiments, paper and plastic, water, soda pop, coffee, music, most everything you need except what you can bring to the party. First we need you and then we need: snacks, salads, side dishes and desserts. Maybe you have a personal dietary need or just a favorite special something that you would like to share. As always, it is BYOB. We could use a couple of coolers with ice for the beverages, etc.

    Here is what to do. First you decide to attend and then you think about what you would like to bring to add to the festivities. Then you e-mail ( or call (508 896 9313) and tell Mary or I what you will be bringing. So let’s make it a party, bring something tasty and interesting to share.

    Don’t wait, this event is next weekend, so let those e-mails and calls come rolling in, we’re ready for you!

  • 17 Sep 2012 7:49 AM | Deleted user
    We are sorry to hear about the passing of fellow member and Vice President, Charlie Frink's mother. Our thought and prayers go out the Charlie and his family.

    Calling hours for Charlie's Mom, Harriet Robbins, Monday 5 - 7pm Chapman Cole. and Gleason Funeral Home, Rte 28A, West Falmouth.

    Service on Tuesday at 1:15 p at the Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne.


  • 15 Sep 2012 5:12 PM | Deleted user
    Jack and Sandi Rosen have donated three trophies for the top three children finishers in rocker box racing!
    If an adult wins they get their choice from the goody table as in the past.   See the BLW event page for a link to the rules.
  • 15 Sep 2012 8:40 AM | Deleted user
    We will once again be stuffing goody bags for the BLW at Kevin Thompson's house. The date will be Thursday October 4th at 6pm. We will get pizza and beer for those who show up and help. Please send me an email if you plan on helping out.

    Charlie Bohm -

    Kevin's Info:
    116 Club Valley Dr. E. Falmouth 02536
  • 06 Sep 2012 7:01 PM | Michael Daley
    The September Newsletter has been posted. You can view it by clicking here or going to our Newsletter Page.
  • 07 Aug 2012 7:32 PM | Michael Daley
    The August Newsletter has been posted. You can view it by clicking here or going to our Newsletter Page.

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