1946 - 1950's British Cars Needed for Larz Anderson Event

18 Mar 2012 8:33 AM | Deleted user
Last week we received the attached letter from Sheldon Steele of the Larz
Anderson Auto Museum, a/k/a the Museum of Transportation, in Brookline, MA,
and offered to publicize his request.

The Museum is putting together an exhibit inspired by a 1946 industrial
exposition in the UK called “Britain Can Make It” and the accompanying car
show in Earls Court, London.  It was at this time, as Sheldon’s letter
explains, that many Americans became aware of the many uniquely British
products available for importing, including of course the sports cars and
stately saloons that we have come to admire, own, and restore.

In the spirit of Earls Court, the Museum’s exhibit will feature cars of the
immediate postwar period, from 1946 through the 1950s.  The Museum is
looking for vehicles to put on display and it seemed logical to us to
contact local clubs as possible sources.  As Sheldon explains, the Museum is
flexible as to how long the car will remain on display or any other owner
requirement.  That means if the owner commits to lending his or her LBC, the
car does not have to be tied up for the entire season.

Sheldon’s letter gives all the contact information needed to find out more

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