President’s Boot- March 2012

27 Feb 2012 9:58 AM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

March truly sounds like the first bit of hope for spring, but here during this very mild Cape winter, mostly it’s been feeling like spring. Until that is, sitting down to write this March Blog for the Club web page. There was a sudden (and thankfully brief) hail storm this afternoon and a light dusting of snow is expected in the morning. All this makes me think “cold”. Cold makes me think of Bob Vogel, our past president and solid member, a seemingly normal person, well sort of normal, who somehow has this desire to drive his MINI as far north towards the North Pole as possible. And when would one plan a trip to drive up into the far cold north? In late February and early March, when else! Makes sense I guess when you would be driving on frozen rivers and water that you would want it to be cold, very cold! Did I just mention that Bob was “sort of” normal? Well this is not his first trip up to the great north, it is his third trip, and I rest my case?

All teasing aside, we are actually proud of Bob, one of our members, who ventures to do such a trip, go places and see things that most of us would not dare do, but secretly long for the experience. The trip is the Alcan Winter Rally, and for Bob living here on the Cape, the trip is an adventure before it begins. He will drive all the way to Vancouver to begin the official rally. That is a 3,000 mile trip just to get to the official “trip”. Then the rally drives all the way north through British Columbia to Whitehorse in the Northwest Territories. That is just about the first third of the trip, as they then drive all the way north until they arrive at Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea (you all know where that is…. OK, I’ll give you a minute to Google it). When I last spoke to Bob about this trip, he mentioned that there were no Hampton Inns in Tuktoyaktuk! Accommodations and food during this trip are not what most of us want while traveling, a little wine, a hot tub followed by a good meal to relax the tired muscles from such a long drive. No, more like a slightly warm bunk house and some rationed food before they start the long drive back down and a detour west to Anchorage, where I believe the rally officially ends. Not for our Bob however. It’s back in the car for the drive all the way back home to the Cape. When he returns, we will all want to know all about the trip and his experiences. In the mean time, we wish him a safe trip and hope that he stays warm.

Bob told me that he would probably not be home in time to attend our March 10th Motor Madness event in Plymouth. Truth is that even if he did make it home in time, he probably couldn’t be encouraged to get back into the car and drive to Plymouth. I wouldn’t blame him, but for the rest of our members, you all need to make the trip to enjoy the good food and fun celebrating together.  The Yankee Swap is always fun and the more the merrier, so if you have not yet registered for this event, immediately after reading this, go to “EVENTS” and “click” on Motor Madness and register on-line. We hope to see you all there.

Next up will be the “A” Team event, our first driving event of the year. Check the home page and events often so that you won’t miss any of the upcoming exciting events ahead for this season. 

Till then,

Bill Scott

President, CCBCC

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