December message from the PM

08 Dec 2011 2:42 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

The British Marque combines their January/February issue so I am off the hook, so to speak, for publishing a regular January “Boot”. December is a light month as far as club activities goes, with the exception of the Dallaire’s open house party on December 17th. Mike and Pam have posted the invitation on the home page and I encourage everyone to enjoy the season together with other club members and friends at their home. I am sure it will be as enjoyable as always.

Because this time of year is so full of events and activities building up to and including the Holidays that mostly involve families, CCBCC has always postponed our club activity until February. February usually needs a bit of a pick me up as the dust has settled from the holiday hustle and bustle and the dull grind of winter has set in with its short daylight hours and long nights and the weather…..well, is  frightful. So holding our “Winterfest” activity in mid February is a welcomed treat. Donna Lynn Greene and Pam Dallaire are planning the event this year and I encourage everyone to mark it on your calendar and plan to join in on that special winter occasion.

Until then, think about the great times you had this season driving your LBCars and make a list of all the things you need to fix in preparation of the next driving season. You’ll want to be ready when that first spring day appears when you feel that inner call that says “let’s get the car out, put the top down and go for a ride”. Doesn’t seem so urgent now, but remembering struggling through the past few winters and springs in south eastern MA and the Cape, February, March and April can seem like an eternity. So here is one other thing that you can think about during those months, and that is to think about running for a BoG position or putting your name in the hat for an officer position. We are looking to elect up to 4 BoG positions and we need to elect a Vice President and a President at the Annual May Meeting. It is your club and each one of you has something special to offer. Being part of the leadership is a rewarding experience, a great way to know and work with other club members while you have the opportunity to steer the club into the future. Think about it and e-mail or give me a call to add your name or someone else’s name that might be too shy to volunteer themselves.

Yes, don’t forget there will be the regular meeting at the Sandwich BBC on Jan. 17th.

Till then,   Ho Ho Ho!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and enjoy the warmth of family and friends!

Bill Scott

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