Bourne on the Fourth - Buzzards Bay -RESULTS

04 Jul 2011 2:32 PM | Deleted user
To celebrate the Fourth properly four entrants showed up for this grueling endurance event.   Fog burned off by the start leaving dry road conditions.  Marques represented included Jaguar, Triumph (2), and Lotus.  Familiarity with the course being an advantage, the Lotus driven by the author had the pole position.  Next were the two TRs, the first of which had a driver and navigator team, the second one was solo.  Being last to arrive at the pits Dave Mac and navigator Nancy in their beautifully waxed Jaguar started about 35 seconds off the pace. 

At the halfway point the third place solo driven but immaculate TR dropped out. The ranks closed. Dave and Nancy were gaining.  The remaining Triumph pulled up, it was neck and neck for the lead, but it was too much, the TR was overheating and it dropped out in sight of the finish line. Dave and Nancy closed in right behind me but the crowds were pressing in on both sides so Dave couldn't pass.  The Lotus just holds on to win.

Its a shame that the MG contingent did not show.  Now Lotus and Jaguar have the club bragging rights.

After the finish I made a sweep run to ensure that the Triumphs were not stranded.  Both of them had apparently moved on and hopefully enjoyed a safe run home.

Note - In keeping with the privacy policy, DNF drivers and team members are not named without their express written consent.

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