President's Boot - May 2011

17 May 2011 7:11 AM | Deleted user

President’s Boot-   May 2011   

I am again writing this in advance of our Annual Meeting to be held on May 7th, as I am once again leaving for a trip to Ireland on May 8th, so not a whole lot of time to sit down and write the “Boot” following the meeting and before the trip.

We will have 3 BoG’s elected, one seeking re-election, Kevin Thompson, and two will fill openings on the BoG as both Dave MacEachern and Charlie Bohm are stepping down from the BoG after serving their time well. We will be electing those positions from a list of six candidates; Kevin Thompson, Charlie Frink, Bill Collins, Kathy Rocha, Jere Downing, and Mike Daley. It looks like I’ll be staying on as president for another term unless there is an unexpected turn of event at the meeting (-did I hear coup?). This is also true of Vice President, Frank Frett, and our Clerk, Rich Finlay, as all of us have agreed to stay on. This of course leaves our Past President, Bob Vogel, on until I am unseated and become the Past President.

The interesting position will be the club Treasurer. Mike Daley has served that position for many years, (he has been so good at it) and would like to hand that opportunity to someone else for a while. He is a hard act to follow, but he has set up a system that with a little “Quick Books” knowledge, one could take that office on and continue the important work of the treasurer. So I am interested in how all this works out. I’ll leave a space here to edit in the new Treasurer and the three BoG’s who will have won the elections (see Annual Meeting Minutes).

The meeting will give the leadership another opportunity to fill everyone in on the progress of our new club’s communication system. Charlie Bohm, Paul Hinchcliffe and Mike Daley have been working hard to work out every detail and to find a simple way to educate and instruct the rest of us on the uses of the new system. I am a good test for them as I am a less than savvy user, so every once in a while they try it out on me, and I am proud to say that I have pointed out a number of little glitches that you will all thank me for as it will be much easier for you once they get it pass my inabilities.

I will also have had time to talk about the Organizational Flow Chart, once again demonstrating how three categories of leadership break down into about thirty smaller tasks. I will have stressed that if members would only volunteer for those small tasks, nothing will be too hard to accomplish, no one would be overburdened, they would be more involved in the club, and they would find rewards and joy from actually being involved. Just call me with your expertise and interest and I promise you that we’ll find a job just right for YOU. Yeah, YOU, you’re reading this and I’m talking to YOU. Just e-mail me and we’ll talk and find something that will b a good fit.

Just a reminder for all to go to our current web page, click the calendar for all the upcoming events. When you see the listing that interest you, click on it and a description or details will appear. It is easy to do and you won’t miss an event or activity that is ahead in the driving season.

Till then,

Bill Scott

President, CCBCC

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