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  • 20 Sep 2020 4:08 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The special BoG meeting minutes for 501(c)3 - 8 11 2020 / The regular BoG meeting minutes - 9 15 2020 are posted in the members only section of the website under club minutes.

  • 31 Jul 2020 3:09 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The minutes of the 7 28 2020 BoG meeting are now posted for members only.

    BoG Minutes 7 28 2020.pdf

  • 25 Jun 2020 9:09 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The BoG ZOOM Meeting Minutes are now posted for members. Go to members only in the dark blue line. Click Club Meeting Minutes.

  • 01 Jun 2020 1:52 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The minutes of the Annual Meeting and elected officers and BoG members are posted. Go to MEMBERS - meeting minutes and click to read.

  • 25 Mar 2020 11:25 AM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Meeting Minutes 2 18 20

    The February 18, 2020 meeting minutes are now posted. Go to dark blue bar and click Members Only and go to club minutes.

  • 24 Jan 2020 9:56 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    The January 2020 meeting minutes are now posted. Go to dark blue bar and click Members Only and go to club minutes.

  • 20 Dec 2019 3:12 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Please read the two important BoG Meeting minutes and the reg meeting minutes. Have a good Holiday and a GREAT new Year!!!

  • 20 May 2015 9:00 AM | Deleted user

    The officer and contacts page in the about us menu has been updated with the annual meeting election results.


    From April 18 2015

    Wild Apricots latest version has a bug in relation to forum sticky posts.  They are incorrectly sorted on the CCBCC home page to show up as the most recent updates. To work around this I have removed all the sticky flags, so the most recent updates on the home page are once again at the top.


    From Jan 24 2015

    I fixed problems with the login fields reported by Bill Scott..  The password field was not its full height, the forgot password and stay logged in buttons were missing.    The fix was to choose a different theme for the website that had a larger login area to accomodate the google and facebook login features.   Of course the different theme caused problems. The main one being that menu bar type face was too small to be easily read.  So anyone logged in this morning has seen many different looks to the site as I tried various options.

    I'm putting up the events for 2015.  There are many that don't have a lot of detail but that situation improves as we move through the year. 


    From DEC. 10 2014

    Wild Apricot, our website software developer has upgraded our system last night.   The biggest differences are that after logging in you stay on the home page and logging in with facebook and Google IDs is now possible. 


    From Nov 03 2014:

    The BLW 2014 winners list has been updated with the Dick Hopfner - and Jerry Gougan award winners, Art Cox and Frank Frett respectively.  I should have included that info a few weeks ago when the winners list was posted. 

    Our out of date address surfaced in the member renewal emails that recently were automatically sent out.  The address of the club lurks in many out of the way spots on the website.


    From August 21 2014

    The August monthly meeting minutes have been posted in the member only/meeting minutes section.

    Members can now create up to four member photo albums for other members to view.

    Here's how to create the albums:

    1. LOGIN!
    2. Select View Profile under your name in the top right corner of the page
    3. Select Member Photo Albums
    4. Straightforward from this point on to create and edit the albums
    5. Post in the Forum to tell members that your pictures are up!

    Here's how to view the albums:

    1. LOGIN!
    2. Navigate to Member Only then Private Member Directory
    3. Search for the Member and click on their name
    4. The albums are at the bottom of their profile

    Keep it Appropriate!


    From July 17 2014

    The July monthly meeting minutes have been posted in the member only/meeting minutes section.


    From June 30 2014

    The June Newsletter has been posted in the News section.   Bill Scott does a great job editing and writing articles, but give him a break!  Write up a newsletter article and submit it to Bill.   He'll appreciate it.


    From June 26 2014

    The June monthly meeting minutes have been posted in the Member-Only/Meeting Minutes section.

    The website is pretty legible now, but there are a few tweeks ahead.  Everything continues to function well.


    From June 18 2014

    I have begun work on modifying the "theme" of the website so that it is more compatible with mobile devices.  This work has just started and I'll have to check each page for readability. An example is that the menu bar is too long after logging in.  Another is the words "View Profile" and "Change Password" are almost invisible.  During this modification period the site will be online and functional.


    From June 7 2014

    The system has been updated.


    From May 30 2014

    The Annual Meeting Minutes are posted in Member-Only/Meeting Minutes section.

    The June 7th maintenance of the website which uses Wild Apricot software will bring more flexibility to the way in which the website can be modified. The way the site looks and works will not change at this time but this additional flexibility will be the basis of future enhancements.  The  Wild Apricot programmers are currently working towards a mobile app (IOS first), and a membership card system among other things. 

    From April 19 2014
    More Events Updated!
    Classifieds moved to the members only section.  Will no longer be in the newsletter.
    All new active members now have member numbers manually assigned.   The member numbers are only for bragging rights and are not used by the current software system.

    June 7 we will be migrating to the newest version of system software.
    From April 16 20114
    Many events updated.

    In May, (exact date TBD), the site software will be updated to allow for more customization of the website.  This should be pretty transparent to members.

    From April 8 2014
    March meeting minutes added in member only section.

    From March 10 2014
    Many events added.

    From Feb. 20 2014
    Meeting Minutes from Feb 18th can be found in Member-Only section.
    Events are being added to the calendar as they are scheduled.  Most have details forthcoming and will be updated as they become clear.

    From Nov. 20 2013
    New membership renewal instructions posted in members only section.

    From Oct. 15 2013
    The British Legends Weekend Winners List has been posted and 2013 Sponsor Thanks.
    Both are under the British Legends Weekend pull down menu above.

    From Sept.  6 2013
    The Sponsor Page and Duty Roster are up.

    From Aug. 25 2013
    BLW preregistration function is online.

    From July 13 2013
    Members:  Please update your email addresses as they change.  If you've forgotten your password or need help changing your information email me at  and I'll get you fixed up.

    I've created a new membership level for Toolship Award recipients to distinguish them from permanent honorary members.   I know, its a subtle distinction.

    In other subtle news, member numbers for our newer members have been updated.  The member number field is not used by the Wild Apricot club management system. Its a carryover from the first decade of the club and is used as bragging rights for original members.

    From May 4 2013
    Several members commented on a big red x by their name when they registered for Safety Fast.   That indicates that they will not be on the PUBLICLY visible list of attendees that you see if you were to click on attendees to see who has already signed up. They are still registered for the event!!! Notifications of their registration still goes to the event coordinator and they still should receive confirmation emails.

    To avoid the red X, check the box allowing other members to see your name when you fill out the registration form.
    From April 5 2013
    The Newsletters (find them under the NEWS menu) are now up to date.
    From March 19 2013
    The monthly meeting page wording in the "about us" section has minor changes.  BLW sponsor status updated.
    From March 13 2013
    Do you have a potential sponsor for BLW 2013?   The information in the Member-Only section's Media/Downloads
    page in the right hand column has been updated, and the BLW Online Press Release.
    From March 4 2013
    I have streamlined the forum topics to better reflect the headings people are posting under and make them easier to find.  You will see the changes when you navigate the forums.  Two threads,  repair garages and triathlon, I've moved to Garages for Repair Work and Non-CBCC events respectively.  Because there is no facility to do that automatically I've cut and pasted each post individually, nothing has been lost but its not pretty.

    I did not move the Motor Madness posts because that is less than a week away.

    If you are posting about an event you can navigate to the forum topic on the event page.  This should make the discussions easier to find.

    Because of the moving around I've bumped recent existing posts that are on the home page to get them in reasonably correct order. Also not pretty but....
    FROM March 2 2013
    You will get more out of this site if you login first.  Its needed to look up members, send messages to members, register for events, and add posts to the forum.

    When you register for an event there is usually going to be a line for guests.  This refers to anyone besides yourself that is attending.  So if you are attending with your spouse enter 1, even though your spouse is a member.

    Looking to the future:  The website host company is currently working on making the software more mobile friendly and will introduce an app later this year. 

    President Dallaire has asked me to take the lead on website administration.  All other administrators will still remain administrators.

    If you have an event that you feel should be listed on the calendar, send me an email addressed to    (Don't use the event address - it doesn't seem to get sent to me)

    In order to cut down on spam for everyone, I have made email addresses private.  You can still send email to anyone by using the message feature.  Click on a members name, and a send message link will appear (along with other info).  If you want less privacy (or more) edit your own profile by clicking on the view profile link under your name at the top right of the home page.

  • 12 Apr 2013 7:48 PM | Deleted user
    A writeup well worth the wait:

    Tech Session by Bill Scott

    Charlie Frink, our club VP and tech session coordinator, e-mailed a couple of members to inform us that another member had asked for help with his car's light switch so that the car could pass the state inspection. What is unusual here is that he was reluctant to mention the member with a broadcast club e-mail because it was so unusual for this member to ever ask for help. The irony is that this member, Paul Hinchcliffe, has in the past always been there to help someone else. Under normal conditions, Paul would be too proud to ask for help. He's a much respected club member and past president who has been extremely active in the club until the past three years when Paul began his courageous effort to overcome his health problems, a struggle with the debilitating effects of cancer.
    The word spread quickly, and everyone wanted to pitch in and help give Paul support. In the past, Paul had always provided the Chili dogs with his special sauces whenever there was a tech session, but Frank Frett immediately offered to bring Grinders from an Italian place, Marzilli's, that Paul liked and others said that they would bring the usual British beer. Oh yes, some actually thought about the repair and said that they would bring some tools!
    Saturday morning , October 20, we had fourteen (14) eager members turn out for the tech /support session. A good friend, Bud Kruger, was one of the early arrivals and is also quite skilled at MG repair, well actually very good at most any kind of repair. He along with Frank Frett, Art Cox and Bob Vogel had the lights in operation by the time the second set of arrivals began to show up: Charlie Frink, Ken Stone, Kevin Thompson and myself, Bill Scott. Did I mention that Charlie told Paul that one or two guys would show up, so needless to say, Paul was surprised to see others arriving. Paul, grateful to see us and always quick to react, said, "Well now that you're here, what else needs fixing". It seems he had a snow blower that the mice had made a home inside the housing and had eaten through the gas line as well as several critical wires. We declared that it must be a "British" snow blower and immediately put it on the lift and began the repair. In the process we tried to use the air compressor and couldn't believe the racket. Paul had been sent a recall part to install to prevent a fire, and Paul, not being able to bend and fix things as he used too, did a less than perfect repair. So while one group worked on the snow blower the other group worked on the "British" air compressor.
    By this time the rest of the members had shown up - Jay Welch, Rick Johnson and his brother Bob, Charlie Bohm and the ever funny, Bruce Turner (or was that Rip Torn, we are never sure). By this time Paul was on a roll, so he said that the first two groups had something to do, so the last group could help him with one other project. This eagerness to help was wearing a bit thin, but some of us followed Paul to a van sitting in the drive way. This was NOT a British van, but it did have a badly damaged door. Paul showed us another door in the back of the van and said that he hoped that we might be able to install the new door as he couldn't do that by himself. Some of us started to look at what that project would mean and what tool we might have to do the job. Paul played along for a few moments, but the grin on his face soon told us that we had just been suckered in. Paul had already made arrangement to have the local garage make the installation, but he just couldn't resist hooking a few of us hook line and sinker. A bit of the old Paul spirit showing through. We all had a good laugh.
    While we began to break out the grinders, Charlie Frink, VP and Mike Dallaire, President, brought out the special Trophy award that had been presented to Paul at the BLW in his absence. Paul had always arranged, purchased and presented the Gerry Goguen Award, given to an owner who has demonstrated an enjoyment in and commitment to maintaining the breed, one who shares his knowledge and skills for enjoying these British cars. For years, Paul had deserved this award, but Paul was giving it to other deserving members. This year, Paul had asked that the club take over this responsibility as he just couldn't do it any more with his health problems. So as head of the award committee, I called the members together and only one name came to the top. It was time for Paul to receive this award, so well deserved for so many years. Paul has encouraged so many people to join the club, or get a car, or fix the car they owned so that they could enjoy it. Paul also has held a "Safety Fast" annually in his garage as he has a lift and lots of equipment. In the last several years he has let the "Safety Fast" be held in his garage, but Art Cox and Frank Frett have actually done the inspection and repairs as Paul's health no longer allows him to do it. But his encouragement and spirit was there in support. So the group watched as Mike presented the Goguen Award to Paul, who was standing in his drive way with his beloved MGs and surrounded with many appreciative club members. We were all happy to have such a fitting occasion to make this well deserved presentation. This is one tech session we will remember and talk about for a long time to come.

  • 21 Feb 2013 2:14 PM | Bill Scott (Administrator)

    Spring is coming, and it is at least time to think spring. Here in Brewster, the daffodils turn fields and yards yellow with blooms, the sky's are blue and you can feel the warmth  of spring. Time to get the car out, top down and show it off in a parade. Mark Sunday, April 28th on your calendar and also register your free attendance so we know how many to plan for in the parade.

    Berta will lead a group to tour the bay side of the Cape on Historic and beautiful  6A to Bill and Mary Scott's home. Berta will leave from the BBC in Sandwich at 9:00 and will make a pick up at the train station on Rte 149 leaving at 9:30. The group will arrive at the Scott's about 10:15. Once there, you can relax and enjoy a breakfast/brunch out on the sunny deck, sip a Mimosa and enjoy the morning before we head out on a short drive to stage and decorate the cars for the parade. Staging begins at 12:00 on Underpass Rd in Brewster and the parade starts at 1:00.  

    Traditionally we continue on to Luke's parking lot just beyond the end of the parade route, remove the flowers and club decals and head to a late lunch. More details to follow as we get closer to the event.

     The important thing is to plan on attending and register early on the club web page. We need to know how many are coming. Do it now with the thoughts of spring in the air. Let's have a good turnout and plan to have lots of fun.

     For additional information about this event, please call;

     Bill Scott -  508 896 9313 or e-mail;

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